A Different Dinner

A little something in English. A short story I found from my high school chemistry notebook (thumbs up for that), I recall this was written in spring 2006 during those very same classes. I'm such an awesome student haha. So here we go. I didn't even remember this existed and I thought the ending was rather surprising. I didn't make any major additions to this either. Actually I think this was a dream I had one night in 2006 if my memory serves me right.

A Different Dinner

It was a nice Saturday evening, the sun was shining and a hot day was turning to a delightfully brisk evening. Evening sun. You all know what I mean. But what if you were given the chance to spend this special evening sun evening with the guys you appreciate the most? This is what happened.

Sadie's point of view

Last nite was pretty awesome. We had a gig on Manhattan in Hammerstein Ballroom and everything worked out so fucking well, I think I played better than I ever have before and so did the other girls too. At the end of our set our lead singer whispered something in my ear and at first I didn't realize what she meant but then out of the blue I saw him. Julian Casablancas was in the crowd and I couldn't believe my eyes.

I could feel my heartbeat in my ears and I got shivers all over my body it was so unreal! Why would someone like him bother coming to see us play? An average band with average songs played by an average guitarist, me. Julian blinked and looked quite messy, he looked like he needed a smoke asap and I didn't know what was up with him. Then he turned around and pushed his way through the crowd. Maybe he saw someone special around...

My point of view

- What the fuck? I gasped after the show right after hitting backstage, still holding a mic firmly on my hand. - How on earth..?, I was really taken aback. The other girls looked a little stunned themselves. The show had been a huge success, we had expected like a maximum of ten people to show up. Or we didn't really know what to expect because we hadn't played in the Big Apple before that night. But anyway the point was that Julian fucking Casablancas was in the audience, how sick is that!

We left the venue quite soon after. There had to be an afterparty somewhere! We saw a nice little pub nearby and went in laughing and chatting loudly. I guess we were already a little drunk due to drinking backstage and I lit a cigarette when we entered the place.

- That was so huge!, I heard myself say once again.
- Yea that really was. Unbelievable! There were so many people there I couldn't believe my eyes when I came on stage, said Sadie.
- Haha yea I guess we don't suck that bad after all, grinned Ruby and high fived Katy.

We broke out in a loud cheerful chat and I bought us all some drinks. We sat on the first table near the counter so we could easily order more drinks when it would come to that. Then, I don't know what happened, but I saw someone sitting in the corner that caught my eye, he was smoking and drinking a beer. That was Julian, again! I told the girls about him and we were all more or less stalking him but got bored of him eventually because he didn't seem to care that we were in his presence.

I, on the other hand, was still watching him from the corner of my eye. Once in a while he was quietly talking on the phone with someone and he kept on smoking a cigarette after another, it seemed like he just couldn't stop. I was also trying to keep up with my friends so we all started to get pretty drunk. No one else but me noticed that after a while the rest of The Strokes silently sneaked into the bar.

- Hey dude!, Albert addressed Jules cheerfully. - Been here for long?
Jules nodded and all the five of them came to buy drinks from the counter.

I, for one, couldn't contain myself anymore. The Strokes were hanging in the same pub with us!

Ruby's point of view

Our drummer looked so wasted. She was leaning on the table and whining about her life, which apparently sucked if her stories were of any indication. I had never felt that connected to her. Frankly, I didn't feel that connected to anyone in our band but still I stayed with them no matter what. I had no idea what else I could have done so playing in a band and constant partying was a nice way to kill some time. Gently I patted her on the shoulder and gave her some comforting words that didn't comfort me at all. Then someone came to chat with our lead singer and I guess our drummer passed out for she started to snore rather loudly.

My point of view

- Hey, he said.
- Hey yourself, I heard the drunken me slur.
- Julian, he introduced himself holding a pint and yet another cigarette.
- Well hi, I said again and somehow forgot to introduce myself. If I could hit the drunken me now, I would definitely do that but I guess it's too late now.
- You guys played well tonight, he said and I managed to focus my eyes on his'. Julian sat down and we had a long discussion of our bands. After a while I found myself sitting on their table, having a loud argument with Nick Valensi about what was the best guitar in the world. We both ended up laughing because we no longer knew what we were talking about.

Enid's point of view

I really can't remember last night that well. I guess at first we were sitting in a bar after our show and the next thing I know I wake up in my hotel room still wasted. Somebody, I guess it was Ruby, told me that we're going to have dinner with The Strokes later this afternoon. I guess that's just a big fat lie to keep me going today with this terrible hangover and all. I think I'm going to be sober all day, I feel way too dizzy as it is...

Katy's point of view

Ok, so last night... What could I possibly say? Awesome is too lame a word to describe it, spectacular could be more like it. I guess we drank quite a lot anyway and now the whole band is suffering from a terrible hangover, especially Enid. I don't see how we're going to make it to dinner with The Strokes. I guess I have to start drinking again soon.

7:58 p.m., a little restaurant on Lower East Side

My point of view

We all ended up being there. Our band and The Strokes, I mean. Last nite Jules came to chat with me and said we should definitely meet up the next day. So we decided to have dinner together, how awesome is that? Me, Enid and Sadie were sitting with Albert and Nikolai, the rest of our band was crammed into a little table with Nick, Fab and Jules. They didn't have a table big enough for all of us so we had to improvise.

The dinner was good and it was really nice to get into a good conversation with the guys as cool as The Strokes. I hadn't really eaten for days and I felt a little sick to my stomach because alcohol had been keeping me going lately.

Albert and Nikolai turned out to be amazing and chatting on our table was getting louder and louder and we laughed a lot. Enid looked a little pale though and I guess she felt a little sick from last night because she couldn't really eat at all. Instead she was chugging a big milkshake. Albert tried his best to make her drink soda water but Enid wasn't up for it.
- It'll make you feel better!, he tried once again. - Trust me, I've had more hangovers than you all have had together, he sniggered. - Fuck I'm old, he went on and everybody broke out in a laughter.

They were telling us stories about their fucked up tours and it was so cool to hear that from someone who had toured as much as they had. We found out they had had all the same problems we had when we first started touring.

From the corner of my eye I saw the other table was having a good time as well. I smiled.
- Excuse me, I said and approached the other table. I pulled myself a chair from the next table. - How's it going over here?, I asked.
- Good, they all answered simultaneously like a choir. Fab was eating as fast as he could and Jules was laughing at him trying to drink a beer but half of it was poured on the table.
- Ok, Jules said and got up trying to stop laughing.

Julian's point of view

I've never met a band like that before. They're all girls but somehow just like us, like the girl version of The Strokes. So I wanted to get to know them a little better.. Well, actually I'd like to see them play again, they turned out to be pretty good. All I know is that I just can't get too attached... How does it feel when you meet a soulmate?

My point of view

Nick stood up and went to sit on a couch.
- Girls, comere I wanna hug y'all!, he shouted and we all giggled and jumped on him. We all fell on the couch and we just looked like a big pile of giggling girls, Nick included. The rest of The Strokes joined and jumped on the pile.
- I'm a flying bear!, Fab shouted when he jumped on top of the pile. Everybody started laughing at his random comment and for a moment Fab actually looked like a cute cuddly little teddy bear because of his hair and his expression.

The laughing pile started to fall apart and people got up. I was stuck underneath with Nick, who was under me and couldn't move because my back was against his slim body. For a moment I was thinking about staying there on his lap and he seemed to ponder the option for a moment too before he pushed everybody up and yelled:
- Ok, I'm done, get up I can't even fucking breathe anymore!

Everybody got up and Julian gave Nick a look, he seemed to be pissed off for some reason. I guess he thought Nick was such a buzzkill for stopping the fun. Jules shrugged his shoulders and went back to the table followed by the others. I was the last one to get up.
- Please, I heard a voice behind me. - Don't go, Nick pleaded and it was almost a whisper. No one else could have heard it.
I looked around and saw Nick still lying on the couch. Silently, he got up and took my hand.

I don't really know how it all happened and why I did it. All I know is that I felt something when we were on the couch. He took my hand and led me in the bathroom. He locked the door behind us.
- I think I should... go... maybe..., I heard myself say and headed towards the door but Nick blocked my way and his back was now against me. I don't know what happened then, maybe it was his irresistible scent or his nicely formed body, but I couldn't resist touching him and put my hands on his stomach from behind. Then I couldn't stop myself anymore and my hands where all over his body. He had turned around and was staring at me in the eyes with those deep blue eyes of his and started to touch my body.

- We have to take these off, I heard myself say while unbuttoning his tight skinny jeans. When I managed to take his jeans off and looked down he demanded:
- Touch it, he said and pulled me closer to him.
I didn't know what to do so I started touching him, he closed his eyes and sighed.
- Shit, I heard him whisper. I didn't care anymore what was happening. I didn't care when he took my clothes off and pushed me against the cold sink and I didn't care when he touched me said things I didn't know one was capable of saying. He stopped as abrubtly as he had started leaning on the dirty bathroom door, breathing heavily. We put our clothes on in full silence and then he came closer to me again and hugged me giving a hasty kiss on my lips. I felt his breath in my ear and it tickled.

- Wanna hear a secret?, he whispered after a while. I couldn't say a word so I just nodded.
- I'm in love with Julian, he said hoarsely and let me go.
- Yeah, I know, I told him and smiled. He looked puzzled as I opened the bathroom door and left.

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